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So what does the getting ready session consist of? Having a photographer taking pictures of you in your unmentionables as you get dressed? Not really.

It is about creating a way for you to hold on to those fun and special moments with your girls before the wedding. And of course bridal details! Let me explain how it works.While your hair and makeup are being done, I will be taking pictures of bridal details (dress, rings, jewelry, bouquet, etc…). Then, once you and your mom/new in-laws/bridesmaids are ready to be photographed, the focus turns to all of you!I have 3 easy tips that will dramatically change getting ready images from an everyday look into dreamy, bridal images!


bridal details

First tip – in the week before your wedding, place all the items in a bag for your getting ready session. And then double check the items the night before. While this bag is just one of a hundred last minute items to check, I promise it is worth it. And that is because, 1) each item is already crucial. And then 2) when all of those items are in one spot, I can just ask you for your bag and not bother you anymore with asking for each item while you’re getting ready. You don’t want me to interrupt your getting ready time with “hey, can I grab your shoes for me to photograph?” And then a few minutes later, “what about your jewelry?”

Here is your getting ready session checklist:


Hair pieces


Keepsake mementoes for the wedding day (something blue, borrowed or a special gift)

Yours and your bridesmaids’ bouquets

Bridal dress (A bridesmaid’s dress is often used as a backdrop for photographing items)

An invitation


Dress (of course)

While shooting bridal details is something I absolutely love to do; your time with the girls before the ceremony is the BEST!

If there is any reason to hire a photographer for the getting ready portion of the day, this is why!

It is becoming more and more popular to have a getting ready session with the groom and groomsmen as well.

The details of course are a fave for me. But as his dad straightens his tie and his groomsmen toast him, it is worth having a photographer there to provide a keepsake of memories.

The fabric behind the ring is a bridesmaids dress. I often use a dress as a background since it is a perfect match of your wedding colors.

Second tip – clear the area. Even take down knickknacks. Hide purses and clutter. Light colored walls with natural light coming in are our best friends.

We moved a recliner, and end table and took down a couple pieces of decorations that didn’t add to these images.

Third tip – wear wear something that speaks softness. When one of my favorite brides was wearing a sweater at the beginning of her getting ready session, I suggested we change into something that softened her look. And what a difference a top made in the photos!

Do you have questions about what to include in your wedding photography package? Let’s chat to find out what works best for you!

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