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I am delighted to have Jacqueline from Jacqueline Rose Cakery in Flagstaff, AZ visting on the blog today!
A little background information on Jacqueline and I. We met at a wedding reception where we were both working. There she was in uniform perfecting the smallest details on an cake that was breathtaking! As we started introducing ourselves, I instantly felt like I was talking to a friend. Not only are her baking and decorating skills exceptional, but  also her confidence and sweet countenance. You will leave with your heart uplifted and tummy satisfied!

With her amazing cake designing knowledge, I asked her to share a few tips:

+ Pull inspiration from all aspects of your wedding (invitations, save the date, dress details, centerpieces)

+ You can have some fun with your cake! Not all cakes have to be white! Cakes are a great way to add more color to your wedding!

+ Trust your designer. They know what will work/look best. Pick one or two must-have elements to incorporate into the design.

+ Cake toppers are not required… there are other ways to finish the top of your cake. The traditional two people standing on the top is not a must.

+ You are not going to please everyone’s tastebuds. So make sure your flavor of cake is what YOU want to enjoy on your day!


Do you remember that reception her and I met at? Here is that cake:


Jacqueline, thank you for taking the time to share your tips!

Jacqueline Rose Cakery

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(928) 853-9239


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  1. So wonderful to make amazing friendors, and these cake shots are beautiful!!