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However, after capturing a few of these valiant proposals, I have noticed there are many questions when it comes to preparing for the bent-knee moment.

Use this list of tips when planning a photographed proposal.

surprise proposal

In a world that has become casual with romance, I admire those that keep a desire to make proposals special and sincere. And by planning a special proposal… well let’s just say you’re slaying the boyfriend roll!

1) Put yourself in her “stilettos,” so to speak. IF she is one who is very in tuned with maintaining her looks, then give her vague hints that a proposal is coming. What about the surprise? I promise, she will be grateful for a chance to get her hair and nails retouched. (She’s going to want to post of photos social media.) And she still won’t know when the moment is coming until it does.

2) Are you hoping for just the proposal to be photographed? Or an engagement session as well? This will need to go into scheduling and planning attires to pack. This is because she may want to change clothes and freshen up for engagement photos. Maybe an evening proposal and an engagement session the next day would be ideal for her. If so, let’s plan a second location for the engagement session.

engagement session pinetop

(As a side note, engagement sessions are one of my favorite things in the world! This is why Deborah Allen Photography decided to include an engagement session with each wedding package.)

So how do you go about dropping hints or inquire what her wishes may be? Here are some easy one-liners:

For the girl who always (or often) has her nails done:
“Hey __________ (name), if you want to get your nails or hair colored before our trip you can.”

“So what do people wear for their engagement photos? Do they wear a suit coat and slacks?” This question is appropriate for the couples that have already started a bit of wedding planning.

“What would you want our engagement photos to look like? As in, what do you want me to wear? Where do you want to go?”

I cannot stress this next tip enough… you have to get out of stealth mode and dive into listening mode. You will need to hear each detail and be able to share details to with your photographer. Together, we will be able to create a dreamy proposal and engagement session.

You are going to do great! It is going to be awesome!

Contact Deborah to discuss the planning of your photographed proposal.


Visit here to see what an engagement session looks like with Deborah Allen Photography

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