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Wedding day timelines are vital! But, in my experience 9 out of 10 wedding day schedules do not go according to plan.

Someone’s babysitter could run late. Or Aunt Sue with the flowers may get in a fender-bender. But that is totally ok if we prepare for it!

Here are my two crucial tips to help with any wedding schedule that may go rogue.

Tip 1: Really think about how long each task may take. For instance, if your getting ready location and wedding venue is only one mile away, don’t just allow 5 minutes for traveling – allow 20 minutes. (I’m totally serious.) Add time buffers wherever possible. And while this is mostly to aid with mishaps, extra time gives you a chance to soak in all the fun and joy of your special day. Enjoy the butterflies, the countless hugs and moments of laughter with your loved ones.

Tip 2: Give your loved ones imaginary time buffers as well. If you need your family to be at the church by 1pm. Tell them 12:30pm. (Again, totally serious.)


If you are thinking your wedding timeline will stay on point, here are a couple common scenarios to be aware of.

The Getting Ready Scenario

We love hair and makeup artists! I work with truly talented artists. But often times that is when the first big hiccup with the schedule can happen. Talk with your hair stylist regarding time. If she is tending to you and your bridesmaids, consider asking your stylist how many assistants is she bringing. Also ask what kind of preparation should you and your bridesmaids do prior to their arrival. And definitely ask how long will getting-ready take in a worst-case scenario. Remember, if the beginning part of the day gets behind schedule, the whole day will be behind.

The One That is Always Late

We all have that friend we know and love, but will be late 100% of the time. Even though they love you to the moon and back, they will still be late. And it is usually due to one of two reasons why. The first reason is because they want to look perfect for your ceremony and celebration! Or the second reason – because they thought of a last minute gift or surprise for you. We love this girl, but don’t put her in charge of anything that could throw off the timeline (for instance picking up the flowers).


If you are reading this, photography is important to you. You want photos of candid hugs and romantic posing to showcase the best of you and your husband-to-be. To help with creating your timeline, this is what is usually needed for a photographer to give you the photos you have been envisioning.


Getting Ready – 2 hours

1 hour bridal details + 1 hour getting ready shots


First Look – 20 minutes

First Look with groom or father


Family Formals – 45 minutes

Immediate family + relatives


Wedding Party – 30 minutes



Bridal Portraits – 45 minutes

Just you and your man


Again, don’t forget to add traveling in your schedule.

We hope these must-know tips are helpful as you continue planning your wedding! When we have finalized your timeline, we will send it to the rest of your vendors so we can all be on the same page.

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